Sunday, September 2, 2007

Quick & Easy - Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch

Not quite as exciting as the last one, but serviceable. Sunday Lunch is divided into meal sections. Each section has a full meal including dessert. Quick & Easy consists of:

Vine tomato & bread salad
Italian sausage with lentil
Lemon posset

We went to the farmers market for heirloom tomatos which worked out really nicely. The sausages came from Frabonis. The salad was great and we'll definitely do it again - heirloom tomatos, sliced red onions, lime juice, olive oil, parsley and bite size pieces of torn bread. I used a sourdough which I toasted because it was supposed to be stale bread.

There were a LOT of lentils. I cut the recipe in half and we still have enough leftover for four people. They were good, nothing really to rave about, but they did work nicely with the sausage. And Lili liked them - I think that was the only part she ate.

The lemon posset was a little too heavy for summer - or for any time really - a teeny little bite was nice, but overall the cream was way too much. These were just boiled double cream, sugar and lemon juice. I'm not sure how you would thin it down. Bill put it in the iSi whipper which helped a bit - maybe I'll try making ice cream out of it next time.

Tonight is Skate Grenobloise from Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook, but I probably won't write that one up because I do it all the time.